Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Can't Tell My Granddad About Brylcream

Maybe this is random, maybe I'm still high on the dentist's anesthesia, but here's a picture of my Nan and Granddad from waaaaay back in the day. Their wedding day in fact.

My Granddad died before I was born, but my Nan was a proper G! I literally have her to thank for my cheekbones, my love of Dynasty and Dallas, Maeve Binchy and Jackie Collins (actually, I might be wrong about JC, I can't remember), and appreciation of tea water being poured ON THE BOIL. It's not about an off-the-boil cuppa, let me tell you. I used to love hanging with my nan and talking soaps, books and the insane stories of various family members. When I went to uni, we used to try and out-do each other with weird letter-writing paper. I thought I won with a Spice Girls headed special, but she killed it with the illuminous swan-shaped stuff.

Still miss both of my Nans but how lucky to have two ace ones. My mum's mom was an OG too. She had 13 kids in total, although three died very young. Despite having countless kids, grandkids, cousins, 2nd cousins and so on, she always made each of us feel special. She showed me the absolute necessity of keeping your family close, that ribs or bacon boiled in cabbage water is the LICK and that you can always, always triumph over adversity. There was no-one like my nan and I still think about her a hell of a lot, even though she died 18 years ago.

Shout out to all the Nans and Granddads! Hole tight ye old people, hold tight.

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