Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ghost Writer...

In interesting record industry news, baddawoman songwriter Amanda Ghost is taking a top post at Epic. Besides from Sylvia Rhone and Julie Greenwald, Ghost is one of the very, very few chicks to take such a high position at a record label. She's the president of Epic Records in fact.

She was a pretty cool solo artist back in the early '00s, and since then has written for/ with Kanye, Jigga, Beyonce, Shakira and James Blunt. In fact, we can blame her for You're Beautiful, but we'll give her a pass on that one I guess seeing as she's achieved such a much to get this job.

"I'm very excited to be working with Rob Stringer and joining a label as iconic as Epic," she told Billboard. "Epic historically has stood for pop music in as broad and exciting a sense as possible."

Sre she'll have bg Things Popping there in no time...

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