Monday, February 09, 2009

Grammy Fash On (Or Fash Off In Some Cases)

Solange. Not much effort there really and how short? Top Shop bag gets a pass but looks to me like Big Bird called and he really wants his hankie back

Ratings for bringing his daughter, and ratings to his barber. That's serious shaping.

I think I can see the head, I think I can see the head! MIA shat ya lip, you look amazing!

Jay: 1) the ring is obscene. 2) The ring is obscene. 3) You look like a bit of a ccok. 4) The ring is obscene.

I want the diet David Banner's been on. I thought homeboy was Babyface for a minute...

Ok, Natalie Cole has serious kidney issues so I won't say anything apart from TITTIES!!!

Tiny, on the other hand, is fair game. Tattooing her tata's ain't realyl helping either, is it? How he ain't 'xscape'd' her yet, I'll never know (no hateration). On the upside, it does mean you are temporarily distracted from her face.... (ouch, I'm going to hell for that one, right?)

Janelle Monae, go on wit ya bad self...

Kick that smug cnut in the nuts Hov, please! Please!

The autotune isn't the only thing T-Pizzle needs to sack....

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