Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MTV Greatest Albums...

So a few weeks ago, myself, Semtex, Twin B & Twin B, Jacqueline Springer, Russell Myrie, George Kay, Trevor Nelson and the MTV team (halla! Jasmine, Susan, Yemz and GK) squeezed into a cafe to talk about which albums should make the Top 10 Base albums of all time. As with all these lists, it was a contentious matter, with arguments, tears and jokes all going off.

There was some terrible omissions and some questionable inclusions, but generally we agreed we'd come up with a list that reflected key albums, diverse musicality and artists that had to be in a list like this no matter what. We also wanted to rep the UK of course, and so Loose Ends, Soul II Soul Craig, Dizzee and So Solid where all discussed.

Yesteday I went to MTV in Camden to film a show about the Top 10 that made it - hopefully to encourage YOU to vote for your favourites - with 'the explosive' DJ Semtex, Craig David, Jay Sean and of course Big Trev. The list of votes is then tallied and goes into a final Top 100 Albums of all Time, airing soon.

It was a killer trying to work out how to get Lauryn, Mary, Big Pac, Public Enemy and even 50 (you can't front on sales/ impact of Get Rich...) but at the end of the day, you can't win them all. Sure the list will create more arguments. That's why you have to love music though, eh!

Check out the show this Saturday between 9pm and 10pm and see what made the final cut...

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