Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pre-Grammy Build-Up

I am HURTING to not be in LA for this. Oh man, it's overly a lot. If I'd been a bit clever, I could be there RIGHT NOW. But I'm a bit dumb, so I'm not.

Shout out to Tappy, Rozan and Vanessa who are rolling deep with Estelle right now. I hope you're having an amazing weekend, sniff, sniff *kicks a rock very, very hard*

Necole Bitchie has posted up some pix of the pre Grammy-fest (eblow). Check her site, it's pretty good.

Hol' tight Stelly - looking forward to watching her pick up some damn awards tonight - plus performing with Kanye in front of 100m people (or whatever it is) is an incredible, amazing acheivement both for her and the UK scene too! Next year, we're taking ovvvvvver!!!

J-Hud, Clive and Whitney (pause)

Rhi-Rhi and Chris-Chris

Keyshia Cole (who knew) rocks a lil lime

Yeezy and Rhi-Rhi strike a pose

A NINE MONTH, DUE-TODAY M.I.A reheases for Swagger like Us with T.I., Wayne, Jay and Kanye

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