Friday, February 20, 2009

Rihanna Injuries...

It's still kinda deep to even think about this.

What has been more disturbing is the reaction from people on sites like RWD. Lets just say some of the comments are scarily pro- Chris Brown which I truly find baffling.

It's not hard to put your sister or mother into the same scenario - would you say the same thing then?

I don't care what Rihanna said, did or, if the most stupid rumours are true, gave him, you don't hit a woman. And especially not to the extent that he's clearly hit Rihanna, as these pictures show.

He's a boy, he ain't no man. What grown person can't control their feelings? Smash up the car, smash up a dustbin, kick a door whatever, but don't beat up a girl. It's so not cool...

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