Sunday, February 01, 2009

Stratford Circus

Ghetts and Griminal smashed it yesterday. The kids were going A MADNESS for them.

I though Ghetts was great on the panel too - he gave fantastic advice and was really thoughtful with his answers.

A kid asked him about doing the more pop tracks versus the lyrical ones, and he said for every one pop track, he does another ten complex ones. But I was really listening to Sing 4 Me yesterday and while it can be taken on a straight-forward level, he's actually written really great lyrics, especially considering it's a dance track. But the whole concept of talking about singers - Leona, Mariah, Estelle, Adele, Lauren Mason - and the way he 'executed' (*should have warned about incoming poncey word there, soz) is mad clever.

I hope he does really, really well.

Griminal got dragged off stage and molested by the kids. He didn't look too troubled by it though. That kid is like the TI of LDN i swears it! When they dropped Don't Phone Me it went insane. Literally insane.

Great to catch up with Terry Danger too. His Funky Who Do You Think You Are tune got played on Pete Tong on Friday. It's a big-ass track and could do really, really well.

Another big-name to watch for is Justin Stennet, the executive-producer of Dubplate Drama, This man is going to be a very, very serious force in the next few years.

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