Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vybz Kartel Don't Ramp!

Long story short, there's been a ban of 'daggering' songs in JA (it's basically pretty darn rude) and after discussion of this ban, someone wrote into the Gleaner to express support of it. One song in particular that has been the subject of discussion is Kartel and Spice's Rompin Shop.

Esther Tyson, principal of Ardenne High School in St. Andrew parish wrote into the Gleaner. Said letter described Kartel’s record as “musical poison,” and went on to relate the results of an informal poll of the school’s 1930 students, 115 of whom responded in writing. The principal was pleased to report that “all but two of these students describe the song as being disgusting, inappropriate for air play and having a negative impact on their psyche.”

Kartel howver wasn't having a bar of it and wrote in to the Gleaner himself. Here's what he had to say:

Response to Ms Tyson’s circus clown antics:

Dear Sir, Madam,

This is a response to an article written by Esther Tyson and advocated by the rest of the social hypocrites who claim “Romping Shop” is “musical poison.”

I understand the term “to whom much is given, much is expected” but I’m not to be expected by society or “finger pointers” to make my fans or the rest of jamaica “computer literate” or lead the nation into becoming the epitome of morality because I’m not a religious leader, nor am I a political one. I’m not the government, I never received foreign millions to invest in the country’s spiraling infrastructure to build schools and develop and cultivate social programs in the communities and hid it in my personal bank book. I was never indicted in any political scandal, never built a garrison community, never set any elections or stole ballots. My obligation to the public is to produce music that is of the highest musical quality (on key, in sync with rhythm, audible etc…) the morality of my songs is relative, meaning each individual depending on his/her social upbringing determines if my songs are “slack” and since the “majority” like it… point taken?

Ms. Tyson, I think you are a woman with a lot of personal issues looking for an avenue to vent your sexual frustration and/or anxiety, and you found the perfect scapegoat for your conquest via “Romping Shop.” I see that you are quick to point out that the song begins with the homophobic phrase, “Man to man, gal to gal, that wrong” (what a way you listening keenly). It seems you’re clearly against my declaration of homophobia. When, on the other hand, the national outrage (from straight people) when Peter King was found to be sexually exploiting young boys, didn’t arouse your anger enough for you to write a letter to the editor.

Ms. Tyson, the “Devastating impact on the psyche of Jamaican children” is not caused by “daggering” songs; but, rather by socio-economic conditions which leave children without free education; single parent homes, (or shacks) lack of social infrastructure in ghetto communities, as well as unemployed and disenfranchised young men, with no basic skills, who are caught up in the “gun culture” cultivated by our politicians in the ’60’s / ’70’s. These issues are all faults of the government (PNP or JLP).

When Vybz Kartel did “Money Fi Spen” (with the intro being “We nah run dung gun…we nah run dung war”) and it went to number one on the charts, no accolades were given.

When I did “Emergency” no accolades were given either; but, when the same audience that embraced all those “reality” songs embraced “Romping Shop” for what it is, i.e., music, it’s a problem to you and yours, the scribes and pharisees of our time! What have any of you done to enrich the culture and the coffers of Jamaican music, especially dancehall music, that makes you think you have the right to criticize and chastise a (sub)culture, which you clearly know nothing about? When we go abroad and achieve international fame and recognition, you self-righteous hypocrites “jump pon di wagon” with awards and merits… “Romping Shop” is just as easily accesable to the public as porn sites on the internet (via laptop or phone), R-rated movies or carnival revelers “daggering” in broad daylight, uptown, and also on our local and cable television stations.

Incidentally, has anyone ever wondered why this song is so big? Because everybody loves it! That is the whole bottom and top line. Contrary to what a lot of you self-righteous zealots portray, you are usually actually some undercover freaks of nature, to the point of being into fetishes like “bi”/”try” sexual, Jekyll and Hyde characters.

Ms. Tyson, the “Decent well-thinking citizens of Jamaica,” as you put it, love “Romping Shop”! Only you and a few impotents are against it. At least publicly, and knowing the big hypocrites that you socialites are, I can bet the bank that you romp to this song.

In conclusion, Ms. Tyson, I encourage you to use the obviously plentiful spare time that you have on your hands to stop “policing morality” and write about things that actually affect the nation like, I dunno, probably a light bulb scandal, etc., and stop making much ado about nothing.


Adidja Palmer

Here's the tune re-upped again, before EMI blank it, no doubt. Such a sick track...

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