Monday, March 09, 2009

Blogger Beef!

Rick Rawse and Fiddy ain't got nothing on Ace and Fiddy.

Seems like after Ace accidentally blocked the original Fiddy Cent from Twitter, she wasn't too pleased and started sending. Now back from holidays, Ace has gone straight in:

"I'm not sure how this happened but if you've been following me on Twitter you'll know that for some strange reason I have beef with very popular Urban Journalist, newspaper columnist, blogger and one time friend Chantelle Fiddy. I'm not totally sure what her problem is but since I'm not one to back down from anything and due to me being inspired by 50 cent & Rick ross I've taken it apon myself to take her down! So with some intensive investiagtive work I found some stuff out about Miss Fiddy. Heres the 1st thing":

But Fiddy's talking the 'ardest too.

"So after taking a week to gather himself, reeling from the blow I delivered last week (revealing to the world how he blocked me from following on Twitter, something he's now denying), Ace has drawn for the traffic warden card.

This coming from a guy who can't even pay congestion charge or his peacock storecard minimum payment... His ex-girl (pictured here) also told me he used to work in the kitchens at Feltham. Pimpin Fiddy says you'd better get ready to cook up some serious shizzzzzz."

Time to take sides, people, time to take sides! I have a feeling this might be war of the photoshop!

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Niyi Crown said...

Blogger beefs are so the way hilarious.