Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lady Who?

For the GaGa heads out there, you might to check out some cool films of the tour created by Lady Starlight. I'll let the Lady herself explain who she is:

"LADY STARLIGHT is a New York City based (vinyl) DJ, record collector, performance artist, event producer and general nightlife personality. Recently renowned as pop star Lady GaGa's original DJ/collaborator/inspiration."

Starlight is currently on tour with GaGa, about which she has this to say: "Yes I joining the circus! I will be making short surrealist films, a la Bunuel and Dali, for each date on tour. I promise nothing more than confusion...."

Check the films: HERE

Here's GaGa, via Perez singing Poker Face and getting all emotional on her birthday a day or two ago. People keep asking me if she's really 22. Hey, if she says she's 22, she's 22!

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