Monday, March 16, 2009


I was lucky enough to be invited down to Dirtee Stank on friday for a feature I'm writing, er, well, for someone is all I can say at the moment.

After a great chat with Diz, Cage, DEE ( me, me) and Footsie (again) (sorry, my 'jokes' are shit), I was very lucky to get a listen to a little bit of Tongue In Cheek, Diz's new album due out sometime in May/June.

I have to say it sounds amazing so far. There's a couple of really interesting samples on there, some unexpected producers, subjects that you KNOW press will pick up on, and lyrics that touch all bases (some a little bit XXX!). If you're expecting Dance Wiv Me mark two, then you might be surprised, then again maybe not.

It's next level is all I can say for now. The album adds to Dizzee's back-catalogue of huge festival/ concert smasheroonies.

I look forward to hearing it again when it's released...

Check Semtex's 1X show too - he's already played one track and sure he'll be spinning more soon

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