Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Knew I Loved Wayne Like That?

Stumbled across a site called Journalisted earlier and they provided me with some vaguely interesting facts.

The stats are only taken from the Guardian and the Sunday Times over the last 12 months, so not reflective of everything I write, but still, I guess it kinda is...! The inclusion of TV is way weird though. Must be all that Alan Dale blogging!

I have written:

More about 'wayne' than anything else
A lot about 'tv' in the last month

The topics I mention most:
because conversation dizzee gaga kanye kanye west lil wayne lollipop london mc mia missy new york nick pain tribe tv uk wale wayne

Ok, so this bit is what I've written compared to the 'average'. Presume they mean 'journalist' as opposed to 'twat'
Hattie Collins Average
Articles 13 24
Total words written 14,253 13,385
Average article length 1096 words 721 words
Shortest article 485 words 556 words
Longest article 2831 words 1036 words

So I've written less articles, but more words. Which basically confirms something I've long suspected - I don't half frickin go on!

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