Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jacques Your Body

The dude that was married to a Geldorrrrf and his mate
have hooked up with Clinton Sparks AKA Mr. Get Familiar, on a little pre-album taster called Jacques Jams, Volume 1.

Given it's essentially a mixtape, it's has a fairly impressive line-up including Diddy. Ok, that's not impressive, let me start again. Including Cassie. Shit, that's not so impressive either. Right, it's got good people on it like Talib, Bun B, Pharrell (wait, does he fit in with Diddy and Cassie, esp after that horrendous Wayne 'dubstep' track. Hmmm...), Common, Lady GaGa and Janelle Monae. And it's absolutely free...

Download and see for yourself at HERE

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