Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KAWS: Original Fake

I might be a div, or maybe I have more money than sense, but I just bought a KAWS Original Fake ashtray and rug.

If the exchange rate (dollars to pounds) was still good, then I probs only spent like a tenner. Right? Right?

Check an interview with the big man in the next issue of RWD, out in about a week-ish...


Anonymous said...

ur stupid in that u smoke
not that u bought a rug or an ashtray
u wudnt need to buy an ashtray if u didnt have the ridiculous habit

hattie collins said...

good point, well made Meseiur/Madame Anoymous, but I'm not buying an ashtray for butts, I'm buying it cos it looks nice. Ain't no way anyone is stubbing out anything in there!