Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lady GaGa Interview

I love this crazy biotch. And I love that she really winds people up too. Some peeps just can't stand her! Loves it...

She's on Jonathan Ross this Friday too...!

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The Jack of Hearts said...

Hattie! You can't seriously like Lady Gaga?!I know we all love a little bit of her music,like iTunes playcount 6 ...max! I wrote about her on my blog last night.

Gaga says: "The title came about organically"

I say: It's called Fame for f--k sake, not exactly a breathtaking haiku!

Gaga says: "I don't just make music I make art"

I say: And subsequently neither

Gaga says: "It's important to care about other music looks"

I say: Especially if you're buying a house on the back of copying other music looks.

If she loves Warhol, Mercury and Lennon so much let's hope she remembers not to copy their deaths! Although something tells me Gaga will be rolling around on her back with a microphone well into her 80s.