Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bahamas 2005

One of the best things I've done in my professional life, ever, is to get to go to the Power Summit - shout to Rene, Lylette and Jacquie.

They've not had one for a couple of years, but basically for nine years, Lylette and Rene would hire a resort on a tropical Island (well, it started in Miami, I think) and fly out a bunch of DJs to check out the hottest rappers of the year. The likes of Fiddy broke out because of the Summit. The Bahamas year it was Jeezy, Saigon, D4L's Laffy Taffy and Three 6's Stay Fly that really killed it.

This was also the year that Pro Green came second in Fight Klub to Jin, and ended up getting signed by Mike Skinner shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, thanks to a Hurricane, me, Green, Harry and Natalie (AKA the UK crew) ended up stranded in Nassau for an extra three days. Yeah, it was terrible...!

It's an amazing event, and even better for there's usually hardly any journalists there, so you get to run up on everybody from Kanye to a (then newcomer) like Young Jeezy and bag up a bunch of interviews. Because everyone stays in the same resort, you end up bumping into people over and over again and forging some good businazz relationships. Live-wise, you had Luda, Juelz Santana, Busta, Kanye, the Pussycat Dolls performing, with Jigga puffing on a cigar in the bar. It was beyond a lot...

I have had the time of my life at the 3 Summits I've been to (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas (I know, I know!) and I so wish they would bring them back.

The camera I had at the time was really shit, and I could only take up to about one minute of footage but I've squished together some freestyles and performances from the Bahamas - everyone from Jeezy, to Common, Kanye, Ghostface, Three 6, Remy Ma, Siagon and more...

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