Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots Of Love To Rinse and Pro Green

In what is unfortunately a sad indictment of these horrible times, Pro Green and Rinse were involved at a fight in Cargo last night. Sounds like a standard case of something over absolutely nothing.

Rinse, who was bottled, has a broken nose and Green is currently in hospital awaiting surgery on his neck, which was stabbed with a bottle. Just been to see him and he's all good; the bottle missed the jugular and looks like fairly straight-forward repair work. He may be out tomorrow, or, if his spitular gland is cut, it could be a couple of days.

Lets please all just pause for thought over this. Green is so lucky to be alive - and no thanks to the people who, rather than assisting him, decided to take out their phones and film him as blood poured from his open wound. Disheartening to say the least, in his own words.

I hope whoever did this faces a lengthy jail sentence and I hope other people might for a second consider the utter pointlessness of such disgusting behavior. Life is so precious and yet there are people who are willing to attempt to take someone's life at the drop of a hat. Over nothing. Literally nothing.

Get well soon to Green and Rinse...

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LIKLE P said...

iAgree <3