Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nipsey Hussle: The West Returns

Not sure what I expected of Nipsey Hussle, but given he got a huge co-sign from Em on Jonathan Ross a couple of weeks back, I guess I should have known he'd be hot. Hussle sees him spit over a slow beat from Phoenix, giving you a chance to really hear his cadence. Strapped is an atmospheric affair, with Nip swaggering the hardest over a Jonny Snipes beat. Given he's from Slauson & Crenshaw, I was expecting something more typical Gangsta, Gangsta, and he's got that, but he's clearly a gifted lyricist who offers a new take on street life.

“The perspective from LA is from Snoop and Ice Cube and them. Them dudes is grown. They did they stuff, but they out of that element now. They on some other shit. So it’s like people want to hear what’s going on in the streets [now] and that’s what I’m providing with this record," says Nipsey on his website . Affiliated with Game, expect to see Jayceon on his debut album, out this Autumn.

Check out these two tracks from the mixtape Bullets Ain't Got No Name: Volume 3, and download Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol:1 and Vol:2 if you haven't already..

The Hussle Way


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