Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beyonce Live Equals Incredible

Ok it's gone 1am and I have to be up early tomorrow, but before I hit the snoozeathon, can we have a moment of silence for the outrageously excellent, incredible, phenomenal Beyonce.

The 02 show tonight, with special guest George Michael (they did I'm Like A Boy, which Bee kinda killed him on still) zoomed straight to my Top 5 live shows of all time - and she didn't even do Dangerously In Love (which has made me cry, like, twice in my life when I've seen her do it onstage)....

All female band, a back and current catalougue of super-smash hits, crazy choreography, flying bits, two stages, Obama onscreen, a toal and utter dedication to pleasing the fans, and The Voice. OMG, The Voice.

Basically, if you're name ain't Beyonce or Sasha Fierce, you need to step up or step off beosssh!

Please can I come back reincarnated as Ms. Knowles? Thanks...

Thanks much to Frank and Union Square for the food, drinks and, yep yep, invitation to watch from a suite. You KNOW how I (don't ever normally) DO!

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killahills said...

good times! I'm jealous, I love george micheal. think I might play "Funky" on the plane this are you mamas?