Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drama With DJ Drama And Jeezy

Um, this is not cool.

Seems three people got stabbed last night at a party for Jerimih. A big fight broke out between Young Jeezy's and DJ Drama's crew and three people were stabbed. It was initially thought Jeezy was on of those hurt, but that's since been reported as untrue.

What the? I thought that beef between those two was over?

People please, can't we all just get along? Those guys are all making money, 'living the dream', surely it's not worth a tonne of bullshit?

Jeezy spoke to Rap Radar earlier about the incident:

Rumors are swirling that you and member of your CTE camp were hurt early this morning at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta. Care to clear it up?
Ah man, shout out to DJ Trauma. His 10th anniversary party was crazy. That was the most broads I seen in the city in a long time. The baddest broads I ever seen out in a minute. The party was off the chain.

Do you know what transpired?
At the party? We was at the bar. I know they said something broke out, but we ain’t catch nothing. We got up out of the building and we left. Headed back to the studio and kicked it.

Folks are saying that you were stabbed.
Someone like who? Something happened to me?

Uh, yeah.
Hell no! Niggas stab me? Ain’t no one dead is it? [laughs] Nah, we one hundred, quit playing. I’m a tell you something too man, you better quit listening to them TMZ-ass dudes, man. Com’on man. These internet gangstas—I mean, bitches. Nah, we good man. We one hundred. Everybody we left with was good. Club pretty much closed after that. I ain’t see nothing so I can’t tell ya. We had a ball, man. We got up outta there.

So I take it you didn’t check into Grady Memorial Hospital.
Me? I checked into a broad's house. [laughs] If that’s the hospital, then we we’re playing doctor. I’m quite sure there’s some records, you go and check 'em. We good, all bullshit aside. Shout out to DJ Trauma for real. That was one of the flyest parties I been to in a while, man. That shit was crazy.

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Nick Lewis said...

regardless of the beef, Luckie's is one sick spot in the A.