Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fabolous: Dame Dash Spoof

Fab takes on Dame in this Dash tantrum spoof. It's not actually that funny, but I love that he's attempting to show a sense of humour - Hov growing his hair out, UK artists showing each other love, Fab messing about - this is what we need right now. I am, in the words of McDonalds, loving it (No co-sign to McD's btw).

I interviewed Fab a couple of years back and he fell asleep. To be fair, he had flu and my questions were probably quite boring. I sometimes want to send myself to sleep in an interview, so can't really blame him. Plus he seemed like a very nice dude.

Check out Fab's blog . I feel to go listen to Breathe, one of his most under-rated tunes, imo.

"These broke n****S looking at me like they choking on a chicken bone/ Every chick I bone can't leave the dick alone.." Jheeeez!

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