Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jigga: Death Of Autotune

Here's DOA all mastered and mixered without anyone talking guff over it.

Lot of convo over on Twitter about this track. Some people are really happy that Jay has deaded the autotune, other people saying T-Pain already did that earlier this year with Kareoke (which is true, but it didn't work did it, cos people still on it!) and others saying the beat is wack and people are on Hov's nuts.

Personally, I like it much. Beat is pretty good (ok, not a classic), but lyrically it's tight and it feels like there's a bit of fire in Jay's belly:

"This is Sinatra at the opera/ Bring a blond/ Preferably with a fat-ass who can sing a song/ Wrong/This ain't politically correct/ This might offend my political connects."

"I know we facing a recession, but the music you'll making gon make it the Great Depression."

"Give this to a Blood/ let a Crip walk on it..."

"Y'all n****s singing too much/ Get back to rap, you T-Paining too much."

"I'm a multi-millionaire/ How come i'm the hottest n**** in here..."

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