Wednesday, June 03, 2009

L-Vis 1990: United Groove

Interviewed young James Connolly for RWD last year. Here's the result of that convo. It was in the Diner on Curtain Rd if anyone cares...

He’s not only a talented producer, L-Vis 1990 also has his hands in video directing, DJing, illustration and photography.

“It’s from a German remix video of a song by an ‘80s band called Sigue Sigue Sputnik.”

Not your typical explanation of how someone attained their name, but then L-Vis 1990 (pronounced ‘Elvis’) isn’t your average artist. Taking his name from a fashion band from days of old, there’s nothing rock and roll about this L-Vis. “It’s basically about heavy bass, fast beats and booty bass cut-up vocals over the top – it’s just got a hyper vibe,” says the Brighton-born producer of party tracks like Apple Bass and Change The Game. If you're wondering what they sound like, consider this: his logo features an image of someone's ears bleeding from bass overload.

"I’m trying to push a new sound," says the 22 year-old. " It’s the B-More sing-sing break behind the chk-a-chk,” he laughs when trying to explain his signature sound further. “But with a hard 4/4 and heavy bass.” Vis is far more influenced by films like Clockwork Orange, old-skool Baltimore producers, party promoters Drop The Lime and DJ don Duke DaMont. “I saw him playing live and he was using Ableton and was doing things I’d never done before. That spurred me on to do stuff.” For those that don’t know, Ableton is a crazy-cool program that allows you to drop samples, sound effects, loops and much more into a live set – it’s the programme big L both produces and DJs on.

While his sound and approach is different to most out there, L-Vis admits to having much in common with fellow party producers like Sinden, Trouble & Bass, Herve and Switch. “We all DJ various styles but there’s a definitely a party, jump-up aspect to it and a lot of bass,” he says of the unofficial scene. “I think it’s the vibe we have although we’re all definitely doing our thing. It’s weird seeing something from the start and watching it gain momentum. I think it will all start really kicking off next year.” As a party promoter, L had his own night in Brighton, and now runs Night Slugs with Alek Bok-Bok in London, to where he moved four months ago when things really started blowing up.

As well as doing a lot on the music scene, James Connolly, as his mama calls him, is also a super-talented illustrator, animator and video director. Currently working a day job at a video production company, James’ creative design degree saw him creating numerous art installations at his uni in Newport, Wales. Since graduating, he’s produced graphics on vids for the likes of Stereo MCs and Armand Van Helden, and hopes to lens his first video for Vex’D this summer. While it’s two different mediums, James admits there’s close ties to be found. “I take on an alter-ego when I get in the studio to get into the zone, but then my art is really dark too, so it’s pretty similar,” he decides of jumping between the art forms. So what will win out – art or music? “I think it’s coming to a point where I have to choose one or the other,” he admits. “The music looks like it will work out pretty well so this might have to take over for a little bit.”

Not only a man with multi-talents, L-Vis is also about pushing onwards and upwards. “This EP shows a progression of what I’ve done over the last year, and the next will be a progression of that,” he decides. “I’ll never just be staying still.”

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