Sunday, June 07, 2009

Master Shortie: Dead End

Lensed in NYC by Jake Davis, this is some nicely shot, hotly styled slickity slick video. Yup yup nice work. Did I mention that I've been listening to Shortie's album this week? The effusiveness is a total win-over; you can't help but give into his contagious confidence and energy.

Bit scared of that lip ring though. Ttrue stories...

Here's a lil interview I did with Mr. Kerlin for Arena (RIP) earlier this year...

Shortie Swing My Way

He might rap, but don’t assume Master Shortie is straight-up hip hop. This label-running rhymer who sometimes sings as well as raps, can’t easily be boxed in to just one genre. Indeed, it’s no wonder his debut album is called ADHD; expect ska-based guitar,self-sung hooks and rock-tinged beats on this eclectic slice of schizophrenic sounds. First single Rope Chain features stabbing synths and ear-piecing percussive effects, while the electro-based Dead End is laden with punchy guitar riffs. “The sound is similar to the album title; it craves attention and it’s all over the place,” decides Shortie, citing Tracey Chapman, Mos Def and Led Zeppelin as influences. “I hone in on my individuality and I’m not scared to say that I’m pop,” he adds. “I want my tunes to be recognised.”

Born in Swindon, Theo Kerlin moved to south London at the age of six. After a brief stint at the BRIT school (but we won’t hold that against him), Shortie became frustrated with the old-school music industry set-up, and decided to start his own record label, Odd One Out. Since then, after putting in serious time on “MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Bebo, Wayn, Twitter, my blog…. anywhere to get my name out,” he’s captured the attention of Zane Lowe and Channel 4’s Freshly Squeezed thanks to both his sound and his look. “I used to get a load of stick for wearing skinny jeans, but everyone dresses like this now,” says the acid-wash wearing teen, who counts Andre 3000 and Prince as style icons. “I like to mix boutique with ghetto, High St with Bond St.”
While 2008 has steadily established Shortie as one to watch, he has high hopes for 2009 – but signing a major label record deal isn’t one of them. “I’ve got so many ambitions and dreams, and I don’t want to wait for someone to give it to me, I’ll take it for myself,” announces the 19 year-old. “My music is very different, but so am I. I’m not trying to conform or follow the rules in order to satisfy people. I think that’s quite rare in this county.”

ADHD is out in June. Check Shortie's blog, issss niiiiice

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