Sunday, June 28, 2009

N.E.R.D.: Glasto

NERD get BOOED HARD at Glasto when the sound cuts out.

The noise is restored and they win those hard hearts back!

Why the hell is the crowd so far away from the stage though? Well not feeling that.


Chris said...

this is totally wrong!!!

were you even there, the crowd are booing the sound crew who caused the delay and also cut the sound, the crowd chanted N.E.R.D for ages. the crowd were 100% behind n.e.r.d and were angry with how they were treated for the sake of a slight delay for the fleet foxes!

same thing happened on the other stage with the view only the sound crew had the decency to not cut the sound.

try going to festivals instead of slating great bands from your desk at home

hattie collins said...

oh shut up

Nana Weet said...

yeah the crowd were booing the sound crew not N.E.R.D They did an awesome set and it got ballsed up at the end

Nobody was booing them only the mess up