Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Mariah: Obsessed

So this is the new M.C tune. Slight dig to Eminem, methinks? Puhlease!

Produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, the beat is kinda meh. I agree with Perez Hilton (don't hold that against me); maybe Mariah should have come back with an out-of-the-box sound, something that's a bit more now. Considering the music that's really hitting hard now, this doesn't stand up against the La Roux/ GaGa/ Kanye's etc...

Here's what Mariah said about the tune:

"Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I'm completely immersed in it. I can't wait for you to hear it. So "Obsessed" is an uptempo fun summer record. We were gonna go w/the ballad 1st but don't worry, its coming. I tried to make something for all who love Butterfly, and even older albums, but "Obsessed" has to come out 1st, asap!! Its different for me, but clearly, its SO me!"

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