Thursday, June 18, 2009

Raygun: Just Because

This might a controversial statement for a hip hop head such as myself to make, but seeing as I've recently confessed to seeing Beyonce live and like the Jonas Bros/ Miley Cyrsu song, my secret of being a bit of a pop tart is kind of out.

I love Raygun and their song Just Because. Popjustice posted up a clip of the video, so I've nicked it and put it up here. I hope Peter doesn't come and hit me. Or, far worse, verbally abuse me s his tongue is, like, well sharp! Seeing as this is probs all over youtube now, I'm guessing all is cool.


Anonymous said...

Raygun Rock!

Anonymous said...

I love Raygun, I saw them supporting Pink they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey heres the full video!