Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tinie Tempah's Weekend...

Do you know what I've really loved this week - seeing everyone in the scene supporting each other so much. Bashy, JME, Wretch, Chipmunk, Noel Clarke, Tinie, everyone, has been encouraging people to get out and buy Bashy and Skepta's albums via Twitter/ YouTube/ their blogs.

It feels like there's finally some solidairty in the scene, which is particularly refreshing given how well everyone is doing - which is a time when people can sometimes go off and do their own thing.

Check Tinie as he meets Rio Ferdinand, checks out girls with big bums, gets some munch, and gets into the studio with Omarion ad checks out the time on his G-Shock, which I think is the very same one I have!

Keep it up Tinie, your work ethic is a lot right now!

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