Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jimmy McNulty: A Leg-End!!

I know what you're saying, it's the look of love. But to be fair, he was giving the same look to all of the laydeeeez. Maybe the pic above is unfortunate, but maybe he actually was somewhat Brahms & List!

So, just got back from the Wire quiz at the Shoreditch house and F me, it was PURE HARD! I'm talking 'What is the baseball team of Baltimore', 'What character did the real-life ex-mayor of Baltimore play and what was he arrested for', what did Michael's little brother call his cuddly toy....'


We did alright though - ok, we didn't win, but apparently were 'definitely in the Top 5.'

It was all for a fantastic, fantastic charity called Tom's Trust, a charity set up after Tom Rhys Pryce was stabbed to death outside of his own home. His fiancee set it up in order to listen to young people and try and hear how they think violent crime should be stopped. To date, they've done amazing work and it's all entirely run on volunteers- so everything you donate, goes straight to helping young people.

Shouts to Don't Panic, Livity, Ctl Alt Shft (our team was called Ctl Alt Shiiiiiiiiift, named by Akilah!) for a brilliant night.

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Banderson said...


great picture, with Baltimores finest!

That was truly a fun/plush/probably never gonna get in there again experience