Thursday, July 23, 2009

KAWS: Livestrong Bike

If anyone can buy me this bike for my birthday, I promise to not actually ride it and therefore have it stolen -I'll just put it in my room and stare at it.

KAWS has added his sig teeth on the frame and wheels in aid of Lance Armstrong's cancer charity.

According to the site: While the bike served him well during this race, it would go down for the count shortly afterward, when Lance made a surprise, last-minute entry in the Vuelta Leon y Castilla race, during which he crashed and fractured his clavicle. Since then, KAWS's beautiful ride has been affectionately dubbed "the widowmaker."

There's also Damien Hirst, Marc Newsome and Shepard Fairy ones too. They're being auctioned on Oct 2 in New York and I badly want the KAWS one!! Look at the teeth on the wheel! Look at them!

Check 'Em

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