Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Sister: Right Hand Hi

Shouts to Snark Jacobs for upping the link to the rather marvellous new Kid Sister track, Right Hand Hi.

Not sure who it's produced by, but it sounds a bit Crookers, a bit A-Trak.

Here's the tracklisting - ALBUM FEATURES ESTELLE! - for the album, due in October, Ultraviolet...

1. Right Hand Hi
2. Life On TV
3. Daydreaming
4. Let Me Bang 2009
5. Big n Bad
6. Pro Nails (feat. Kanye West)
7. Step (feat. Estelle)
8. Switch Board (feat. DJ Gant-Man)
9. Get Fresh
10. 53421
11. You Ain't Really Down
12. Control

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