Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tulisa: Backstage At Wireless

True say, I was on the way to tipsy. Welllll, on the way. I totally blame Raj - you can see how tipsy he was by the shaky camera-work! Hold tight Kathwadia. No, really, hold tight...!

Still, I had a very nice chat with Tulisa - here's what she had to say about wardrobe malfunctions, Michael Jackson, working with Chipmunk and Wiley, heading to Hollywood, the haters, her 21st, and the highly-anticipated second N-Dubz album..


Ondo Lady said...

Great interview, she has a lot of personality. Pretty good quality too so your camera mate could not have been that drunk. :)

hattie collins said...

No, trust me, Raj was LICK OFF!