Monday, July 06, 2009

Yeezy, Jeezy & Heezy: Wireless Afterparty

Trading Places put on a stonker of a party last night, which saw a whole bunch of peeps come out to party after Wireless.

Serena Williams, JLS, Daniel Merriweather, Mpho and DJ Q-Tip (who was SO damn good) and, er, me and a couple hundred others, witnessed West at the piano as he performed several tracks alongside Hudson, including of course Supernova.

Check Young Jeezy, Kanye and Hudson doing Amazing and Heartless - look for a tipsy CuDi towards the end too!

My battery died unfortunately, so only managed to get a few minutes - next time I shall be better prepared!

Big congrats to Reg, A-Cyde and the Trading Places team for an amazing party and thanks to Ginger Kid for my hook-up!

1 comment:

akuma said...

i prefer the term 'red'. the 'g' word has too many bad connotations.

glad the link up worked! damn, that afterparty looked good. next time, holla!

(review of the gig at me blog as per usual)