Monday, August 17, 2009

Fabolous Ft. Jay-Z: When The Money Goes

Annoyed. Meant to buy Loso's Way in NYC. But forgot.

Maybe someone at Def Jam will read this, take pity on me and SEND ME A FREEBIE?!?!

Frippin sick video.

Interesting Jay agreed to be in a Def Jam video. Guess there's no hard feelings there, eh. Business is business.

What's bad is that in actual real life I have to remember how NOT to spell fabulous by spelling 'fab-oh-el-oh-you-ess' in my head a la Fab. Bloody rappers and their wayward approach, and occasional utter disregard to, and for, the English language.

Mind you, I'm pretty shit at spelling. Finally mastered courtesy though. Thanks to the sign in the RWD toilets that says to wash your hands as a 'courtesy to others.' Eventually 'court' and 'esy' supplanted itself in my head.

Thank God.

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