Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Jessie...

Jessie is one bad-ass singer. She describes herself on her MySpace as not your 'cookie-cutter girl'. And she ain't lying, either.

She's signed in the US, so not really sure what that means in terms of release, whether she's over in the UK or what, but I need to get her in RWD. And soon.

Louise Haynes (check her amazing blog Pop, Lock & Drop) is a friend of hers and got her to sing the song, below, in her bathroom.

So much heat on this girl right now. But then again, she is basically amazing.

Oh and you can download Sexy Silk for free and ting.

Here's some more info from her MySpace:

I am currently in LA- I got here 12 hours ago and don't find it easy sleeping in new places... YA DIG?!

So I thought I'd write a blog and try and include some answers to some questions I have been asked whilst supporting Girls Aloud, Taio Cruz, Macy Gray and most recently Cyndi Lauper :-) So Imma just gonna give you a likkle run down of whats happened to me and what I've been doing for the past 2 years!!! LETS GOOOOO!!

I went to the BRIT School in 2004-06 and studied MT (Musical Theatre)
I auditioned for a guy called Raymond Stevenson (Manager)
Who was doing a campaign called "THE DONT TRIGGER CAMPAIGN"
I was just 16 and sang "I turn to you" Christina A-
I found out Ray was putting together a girl band for the campaign and that he didn't initially want to use me as I was too young. Although a few weeks later he called and said he had changed his mind, so I joined "SoulDeep" a 4 piece girl group and had the honor to use my talent for such an important and needed campaign.
We realesed a song called "WHY" with the "Mothers against guns"

I was in SD for 2 years and learnt a huge amount about the industry, recording, and growing up in a working enviroment.
At 18 I decided to leave the group and start to write songs and find out a little bit more about who JESSICA CORNISH was.
I had never written a song before, other than "BIG WHITE ROOM' that I wrote when I was 17 :-)
So I started exploring into what I wanted to write about and lyrics, melody and ideas and artists I was inspired by....

In 2007 I met a few UK labels- Some Indie and some Major.

I met "GUT RECORDS" who I signed to in March 2007.
My name in the beginning was "JESSIE.J"
But changed to "JESSIE" as a rapper registered the J. I know I'll get over it! HA!!
For a year and a half I had written 150 songs and was slowly finding out what my sound was, what my "X FACTOR" is, if you wanna call it that! Lol.
I went to Miami for a bit, Sweden and worked with various UK producers.
My album was slowly coming together and "SEXY SILK" was decided to be the first single.. (Currently on the Nivea Advert)

All the promotion was being put together and I was gigging all over London getting used to performing etc...

Then about 2 weeks before I signed to "SONY PUBLISHING"
About 6 weeks ago, my career was thrown into the air for a bit.

GUT RECORDS went into Liquidation- Basically meaning "Bust" for those that thought..
Why were they turned to SOUP? That's what I thought. Sad news!! Lol-
So in the last 6 weeks since GUT no longer exsist. I have been touring with
"Girls Aloud" "Cyndi Lauper" trying to just carry on, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger, especially in the music industry!!

Hence the reason I'm in LA now, just a young girl with a dream still right?!

The reason I am writing this is because the most frequent question I'm asked is:

It kills me to say you can't yet.
I wish I could email you all the songs you ask for, but please hold tight and have faith that I want you work for you all who have stuck by me. It's taking some time but when it's ready I promise it will be worth-it!!

So to sum is up:
I have no label, I am unsigned and I have no band.

But I do have:
My PA for now
Great fans
A great team around me

I hope this makes it all a little clearer for you?!


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