Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton

I heard Aaliyah had died when I was down in Devon on holiday, 8 years ago. My dad got the name wrong (he couldn't pronounce it), and I didn't really listen to him. But then he showed me on Ceefax (or Teletext or one of them ones) and I was SO shocked. Not sure why it affected me so much, but I remember calling my girl Helen up - my R&B co-d at uni - and we talked about it for a bit. I was gutted though. i sat on the beach playing Aaliyah (as in the album) all day.

Long before they were famous, the Gsossip did a cover of one of my favourite Aaliyah tracks, Are You That Somebody. I guess that shows not only how enduring she is, her relevancy to people outside of R&B, and also how bloody great her music was (shouts Timbo and Missy).

Still feel sad when I think about such a young life being taken away. Had she lived, Aaliyah woul dhave turned 30 earlier this year.

Shouts to Soul Culture, who have gathered a number of artists, including Marsha Ambrosius, to record their favourite Baby Girl tracks.

Download It Here

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