Thursday, August 06, 2009

Straight Outta...


The good old days of Grime, when Fiddy used to put on Bethnal at the 333. I have SO many pictures that need unearthing one of these days.

This was when Grime was truly exciting. You never knew who would and who wouldn't turn up, suffice to say that pretty much every major figure in the scene - bar Dizzee - made an appearance at one time or other.

Check out Kesh (who made us our 'We Don't Mix' T's especially for the night), Zezi, me, Fiddy and Bianca (RIP Bee, we still miss you) shacking out to Ghetts, Skepta, Scorcher, JME, Big Seak, Lightning, Devlin, Dollar, Wretch, Demon, JME, Fuda Guy, Wiley, Tinchy. And that was just ONE NIGHT - other times Newham Generals, Kano, Jammer all passed through and melted down the mic!

Good times. Very, very good times...

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