Friday, September 18, 2009

Amelle Replaced By Jade?

Hmm, personally (if this is true) I'm not sure Jade is making the right decision. She's so talented, can write, can sing... what P can she make of an album already written and finished by other people?

I know there's bigger news in the world, but OH MY GOD!!!

From Heat:

Amelle Berrabah has left the Sugababes, heatworld has just been told – and she is set to be replaced by singer Jade Ewen. Rumours that Amelle was quitting have been circulating all week, but just a few minutes ago an industry insider told us exclusively, "I've been told off the record that Jade is joining the Sugababes." Jade Ewen's record label Geffen sent an official statement out just a few minutes ago which read, "Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we regret to inform you that Jade Ewen will be taking time off from all promotional activity for the foreseeable future." Amelle has yet to release a statement confirming the news, but we will bring you any updates on this story as soon as we have them.

If you think you recognise Jade Ewen, it's probably because she competed at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest representing Britain. She was born in London, and is just 21 years old. We think she looks rather glam and very Sugababe-like in this shot.

heatworld is currently in the process of contacting the Sugababes record label to ask for an official statement. Stay with us...

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