Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Janet Jackson: Make Me

Ok, JJ, I see you. I SEE YOU!

I am FEELING this. A lot! Shout out Rodney Jerkins doing the damn thing...

“It’s about dancing. It’s all about her. It’s about [saying], ‘Listen, if you really want to get with me, you gotta make me feel a certain way," said Jerko about Jacko." I’m working heavily with Janet. We’ve been in the studio for the last month. We’ve been getting it in. We’re going back to basics and fundamental sounds of Janet. We’re trying to target her fans [by making] the records that her fans will embrace. A lot of uptempo stuff makes you feel good. There’s so many different colors of Janet. I’m a fan, I’ve always been a fan of Janet. The Rhythm Nation, the Control, the Janet. record … those make you feel a certain way. It’s been fun. I’m excited about it."

Might help me forget the not-so-great MJ tribute performance at the VMA's. Maybe...

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