Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keri Hilson: Live Lounge

I interviewed Fearne Cotton a few weeks ago (just on the phone) and I thought she was really cool; funny, self-deprecating and interesting.

I must admit though she's really quite annoying on R1. I appreciate how hard that job is to do, but she needs to turn it down a bit. Or maybe a lot.

Anyway, while I'm being critical (cos i'm maaaad perfect myself!), there's been something about Keri Hilson that I just couldn't get with. A coldness I think. She comes across, musically and personally, as somehow ditant, removed.

Stuff like this though, and reading her Twittter now and then, is making me warm to her a lot. This girl can really, really sing.

Nice cover of Supernova too...

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