Thursday, September 10, 2009


"A strawberry shortcake: A girl who would rather spend her time dealing with negativity than making money. Hence she has short cake..."

Here's some of my favourites, live and direct from the Nicktinary:

Alfred Bitchcok : \ˈal-frəd – ˈbich – ˈkäk\ : noun
1: a term of endearment from one bitchy Harajuku Barbie to another. Generally used amongst BFF’s.

BFF :/b-f-f/: noun
1: Barbie For FuckinEver

Dolly Lama :/dä-lē-ˈlä-mə/: noun
1: a barbie that makes everyone around her feel at peace.
2: a problem solver.
3: the one you call when you’re at your worst.

Penthouse : \ˈpent-ˌhaus\: verb
1: the act of stepping one’s dick or cookies all the way up.

The interviewer looks kinda high. Or hyped. Whatever...

More Nicki:

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