Monday, September 21, 2009

Paul Epworth: Likes Chocolate

Epworth has had a great year - Florence and the Big Pink are two of my favourite records this year, and he's had a hand in both.

He's produced this new track, Zingalo - to help Cadbury celebrate going Fairtrade - alongside Tinny (big man in Ghana apparently) and was shot in Ghana too...

Them dude's Glass And A Half, who did those crazy drumming gorilla ads, have now got a record label (random!), and this is the first release.

It drops on iTunes this week...

Drop your cynical eyebrow, and say respecccc to Cadbury for getting their fairtrade on. It's also cool they've worked with artists and dancers in Accra and that Cadbury's profits from the sale of the single will go to the charity, Care International to fund education programmes in cocoa growing communities in Ghana.

Says the Epworth: “Zingolo was written and recorded in a marathon 29 hour session in Ghana's capital Accra, featuring some of the hottest musicians in Ghana. It was really exciting, trying to capture something of the spirit of the place, from the intricacies of typical Highlife guitar to more traditional regional percussion flavours.”

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