Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bobby's Prerogative...

In honour of Bobby's non appearance in the UK yesterday, and because this is some seriously fly footage, check just how frippin' incredible Bobby Brown was back before the crack and shit.

Trust me when I say I know EVERY WORD of that album. I was such a fan, I even bought King Of Stage too. Ex-Act-Ly!

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Anonymous said...

Glad I didn't attend this (1) because he did a Donnell Jones and didn't turn up and (2) I wouldn't want to tarnish the memory of before he hit the crack pipe!! I still have King of the Stage on LP in my collection, plus the remox album 'Dance Ya Know It'. Bobby Brown was dope to me growing up, still play his albums a lot now too. The production was so on point with LA and Babyface, Teddy Riley, classic material!!