Thursday, October 22, 2009

I. Need. The Black. Jacket.

It's not even want you know. It's NEED!

Carrie Mundane is too sick. Ciara caused a stir when she wore the b&w Cassette Playa x parra x Nike jacket in London a few months ago. Wiley also got his hands on the blue one for the forthcoming Take That video. I really want the black one so bad.

Lil bit of official blurb: Cassette Playa and Parra use Nike Sportswear's iconic designs and technical apparel and remix them. The outcome is a collection that delves deep into the psyche of sport and with rivalry as its essence. The pair draws on classic collegiate layouts; adding their own trademark directional flavour, each producing a tee, stadium jacket and trainer.

The collection will be available from Nike Sportswear’s 1948 space -

The Cassette Playa TZ Dunk, the Cassette Playa and Parra Destroyer jackets and t-shirts all launch in Europe on October 9th. The Cassette Playa and Parra Stadium jackets launch on the October 30th.

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