Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mychoons: This Thursday

This month's MyChoons is on Charlie Dark's birthday - so not one guest, but six (yep - six!) will join Charlie and Andrew for another night of musical musings exploring the rhythms of life.

I am one, as is Fiddy and we will be joined by three other incredible females who write, promote and talk passionately about music; Lulu Levay, Jacqueline Springer and Emma Warren. Fab new artist Andreya Triana will be performing on the night.

We'll be basically telling you about various tracks that have played a part in our life at some point; from the tune you had your snog to, to the song you want to consign to the fires of hell. My choices are, well, there's a couple of bad 'uns in there, I can admit that.

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