Tuesday, October 20, 2009

N-Dubz: Album Artwork

Three things that sprung to mind when I saw this. Sure it's are very purposeful in terms of hinting at what the album is about, and the direction they're taking, the message they're sending out.

Dappy's 'dad' tattoo, Tulisa's, well, boobs (that's not just me, right?) and the N-Dubz hat on Fazer's head (hello merch money). Interesting that they're including Number 1 on there too.

The artwork, which I believe is shot by Rankin, seems to hint that there will be darkness, maturity and the rise of the supergroup. It's going to sell out the wazzoo, innit.

I'm interviewing them tomorrow, and I'm SO hoping to get a sneak preview. I bloody love these three....

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