Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tinie Tempah Signs To EMI

I met up with Tinie a few weeks ago to do his biog (it's coming soon, I swear). We met up at his new label EMI - EMI!!! - and had a good long chat about his past, present and future.

I think Tinie could do really, really well. Not only talented and driven, but, as/ more importantly, he's charismatic and has a real likability factor, which is so important. He also looks cool, has his own style, has already filmed a large part of the process from underground to getting signed (content is king peeps), and has a lot of ideas about what he wants to do, and how he wants it done. He's put in a lot of years in as well - this is the kid who used to sneak out the door to go to Eskimo Dance and Sidewinder!

Watch for Tinie, he's going to be big. 2010.

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