Sunday, November 29, 2009

Janet Jackson: Interview Avec Moi

So, yeah, I guess I mentioned recently that I went to LA to interview Janet Jackson a few weeks back. LA. Janet Dot Jackson. Amazing.

It ran on the cover of the Sunday Times Culture today, which is my first one for them and therefore pretty exciting if you get excited about that type of stuff, which I do.

Here's the opener...

There are many places you might expect to find an A-list star in Hollywood, but a scruffy dance studio at the wrong end of the Walk of Fame isn’t the first that springs to mind. The homeless and the addicted hustle the star-spotting tourists who wander wide-eyed into souvenir shops selling Michael Jackson memorabilia, utterly unaware that, two floors above them, his youngest sister is rehearsing the choreography for her new single, Make Me.

“I love the natural light,” says Janet Jackson, nodding towards the huge windows that look out onto the gritty streets below. She's devoid of make-up and dressed in black tracksuit bottoms and a grey cashmere top, a low-key look that matches the location. There is no big entourage in tow, either, just her personal assistant and a publicist. It’s surprising to find such a huge celebrity in such understated circumstances, particularly given the intense scrutiny the Jackson family is under following the loss of its most famous member in June this year.

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Ce-Ce said...

Can proper picture the scene whilst reading!!! Shit!!! Go Youuuuu anyway!

Lawrence Gichigi said...

Damn thats crazy. Like it a lot.