Friday, November 13, 2009

Mariah Carey Goes Southall

Great piece in the Daily Mail about Mariah Carey today, written by her mate Jasmine Dotiwala of MTV fame.

The two have been tight for years, and Jas has written a really cool, insightful piece on her friendship with the superstar.

If Mary J is reading this, can I be your best friend please? Thanks

Here's an excerpt. Read the whole thing here

The elderly Asian proprietor of a corner shop in the West London suburb of Southall is stacking shelves when events take a surreal turn.
A limousine pulls up and out leaps a bodyguard. From the back seat emerges a glamorous woman in a figure-hugging dress and skyscraper Christian Louboutin heels. She is not from Southall; she inhabits a starrier stratosphere.
Yet she walks into the shop, picks up a wire basket and wafts along the aisles on a cloud of costly fragrance.

At the check-out, the proprietor, slack-jawed with amazement, puts her shopping in a box. It is a prosaic selection; there are no luxury items for sale in this shop.
Then the woman and the bodyguard carrying the box of groceries get back into the waiting limo and are whisked away as quickly as they came. The mirage fades as suddenly as it appeared, but the shopkeeper will remember the woman for years to come.
His unexpected customer was the American singer Mariah Carey, the most successful female recording artist in history. What was she doing in this unglamorous corner of London? She had come to visit me.

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