Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mega Lolz

Styling aside, the OMG Girlz are probs going to be huge.

Featuring Lil Wayne's daughter, and Tiny's (aka T.I.'s wifey bit) daughter, the quartet is managed by the former X-Scaper-er.

There's no other kid group out right now, and the other tween stuff like Zephron, Twilight, Miley and Jonai etc sell like a mo'fo in the US.

Plus Reginae's dad, Weezy F has offered to help out on a tune or two.

“My name is Reginae/ But you can call me Baby Carter/ They love me and they hate me cuz I’m Weezy F’s daughter/ Yeah, I’m a brat and I think it’s my world/ And I’m stuntin’ like my daddy, cuz I’m daddy’s little girl/ When I walk up in the spot, upgrades the room/ And if you standin’ next to me, I will upgrade you too.”

Here's a clip of the admittedly awful Ain't Nobody. Amazing!

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